It was around the time of the meteor showers this past august that we were invited to our friends’ house for an informal house concert.  Two girls from California had been riding their bikes with a support team of friends and their instruments- including a stand up bass in a coffin like box- around the Pacific Northwest, and had agreed to stop on our little island to share their beautiful songs with us.  We gathered in a make shift ampitheater among the trees and gardens, and listened to the sweet sounds of harmonizing voices (including our own) and insightful lyrics of finding peace and joy in the connection to the beauty and perfection of the earth.  The love and wonder that they sang with was contagious,  and as they invited us to join them in their songs, we became less of an audience and more of a choir, lifting up the songs and letting them go into the summer night.  Since then, I have listened and learned more of their songs from the two CD’s (All The Way, and Strange And Wonderful) that MaMuse has recorded, and they have helped lift my spirits as I trundle along on the sometimes staggering slope of our daily lives.  They have helped to remind me of why I am doing what I am doing, and that by trusting in my inspired dreams, support from the universe will be available.  I alos love hearing my 8 year old daughter listen and sing along to such powerful words!  Thank you so much, for giving this gift of your music .

On this bright and healthy morning, I wanna sing my song, let it be sung

As I let it fly out into the world, let it be known, I hear the music in all things today, the dance is on.

I lay down on the ground in the garden, let the earth crawl up into my clothes, stared up at the sky and we fell together- we really are so close.

He whispers hello, hello, hello, and the dance is on.  All the world is conspiring for me,

Everything everywhere nourishes my growth.  Let it be known I can hear the music in all things today, this one’s for me.

I could go on with all the lyrics to their songs, but I can’t type them with the sound of their voices weaving together, so check out their beautiful website-


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