Artist In The House

Now that we have finally finished the art studio, the move to bring in the art supplies has been rapid.  My mother, Margaret, was all set to attend the Vancouver School of Art in the early 1960’s, but was redirected by her mother towards nursing school.  Despite her short career of nursing, she didn’t get back to art school until 1995, where she was finally able to expand her creative expressions.  During the many years in between, she has been painting, sculpting, and collaging throughout her life, creating her art in the small spaces of her homes and around commitments of family and work.  Since moving to Pender Island, she has been connecting more with other artists and finding inspiration from the landscapes of the west coast.  Margaret is a member of the Red Tree Gallery, a co-operative gallery that exhibits and sells the artwork of about 18 Pender artists.

My mothers sense of self-creation has certainly been a contagious factor in my own lifestyle.  I am not sure how many times throughout my childhood I heard her say, “well I could make that myself!”  She is driven by a hands-on desire to connect, to share, and to express, whether it is through paints, paper, fabric, images, or with recycled objects.  It has been a huge component of our home school environment to have access to her creative energy and resources, which from now on, will be stationed right in our own house.  The art studio, as a collectively used space for our whole family, is likely to become an inspirationally rich zone in constant use and experiment, allowing for the impulses of art to become a part of our natural daily rhythms.  For more images of her creations, see her blog –

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