Tree Frogs, Lillies, and Dragonflies Emerging

These are a few photos of the life around the pond.  Lots of pacific tree frogs are now making their way further from the water and into the surrounding flowers and grass.  If I was a tiny frog, I would definitely choose to nestle inside the petals of a water lily on a hot day…

lily reflection lily frog OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA tree frog in lily

We also have lots of dragonflies.  In the late spring, the water larvae of the dragonflies climbs up out of the pond on stalks of vegetation, where the skin on its back splits open and the adult dragonfly emerges, expands and dries. The empty larval skin (exuvia) remains as a reminder of the larva’s aquatic life.  We were lucky to have witnessed one such dragonfly as it stretched out it’s new wings, making it’s transformation from water to air.

dragonfly emerging dragonfly emerging 2 dragonfly emerging 3 dragonfly emerging4

from my camera

Children upon the earth.

photos from my camera

I love to take photographs, especially of the moments of my life that shine a light on the beauty of the world around me.  It seems that those moments seem to always encompass my children, nature, and my children in nature.  I love the wordless essence that can emminate from a beautifully balanced image, the captured expressions, movement, stillness, contrasts, textures, and colours.  Those are the themes that invite the most glorious times of interconnectedness, and it is through my photography that I am able to reflect on the values that ground me.  It is like walking through windows into different perspectives of possibilities.

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